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Connectivity is key. Along with TwinCore technology and unrivaled sound quality.

You will never miss a moment with the Rexton Strata 2c hearing aid, a discreet, high-tech device that’s backed by our powerful TwinCore Technology. If you’re looking for a convenient hearing aid that caters to your busy lifestyle, look no further. Rexton Strata 2c hearing aids boast the best in high-tech features, HD Speech and wireless connectivity. They will keep you connected day in and day out to all of your electronic devices, without missing a beat.

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HD Directionality

HD Directionality combines the best anti-noise and directional features to give you an outstanding intelligibility in the most challenging listening environments - with less listening effort and lower fatigue.


HD Microphone

Microphone input is processed independently in up to 40 narrow and precise channels. Benefit: Improves speech discrimination in noisy environments.


HD Bandwidth

Processes sound input and provides amplification to 10kHz. Benefit: Provides crystal clear, full spectrum sound quality.


Automatic Focus 360°

Goes beyond the capabilities of traditional directional microphones to enhance the dominant speech signal even if it occurs behind or to the side. You’ll more clearly hear someone speaking from the backseat of a car or walking alongside. New car mode allows automatic switching to Focus 360 for maximum convenience!


Soft Level Focus

Continuously adapts the amount of directionality so that the microphone noise is less than the environmental noise. This gives you the proven benefits of directionality even in less noisy environments.


Smart Automatic Environment Manager

Program 1 classifies sound into 5 distinct environmental categories to automatically optimize gain, noise reduction, and directionality. Benefit: A completely automatic hearing aid without pressing a button.


2c Feedback Preventer

Accurate, thorough and even faster than before, it frees you from embarrassing and annoying feedback (whistling) before you or anyone nearby can hear it.


2c Automatic Noise Reduction

The Automatic Noise Reduction system analyzes incoming signals in real time and isolates distracting background noise and important speech signals. Speech is enhanced while distracting background noise is softened, so you can enjoy more effortless listening and greater comfort.


SecureTec Nano Coating

For the best reliability and protection, both Charismo 2c’s frame and electronics are fully coated to protect against moisture, dirt and debris. This results in a device that’s fully coated from the inside out to provide the ultimate protection from moisture, sweat, and corrosion.


C-Grid Wax Protection System

Instrument receivers can be susceptible to damage from earwax that can accumulate and harden, blocking sound and ultimately damaging internal components. Rexton’s C-Grid wax protection system is an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to prevent harmful cerumen from entering the aid


Wireless Assistant

Optimizes your hearing aids’ sound quality and ease of use. Automatically synchronized digital signal processing eliminates potential differences in critical features from hearing aid to hearing aid. There’s even a convenient, optional remote control with easy-to-see buttons.



Onyx+ features a built-in telecoil for maximum performance - allowing for ease of use with hearing aid compatible phones and hearing systems.



Autophone automatically identifies a phone and switches to the Telecoil program.


Green & Easy Charger

With Day's optional charging unit, there is no more worry about running out of batteries or losing power at inconvenient times. Similar to charging a mobile phone, the instruments are ready to run all day after a six-hour charge overnight. For added convenience, Day's BTE's are also compatible with standard batteries. The charger includes a drying function that removes harmful moisture from hearing aids overnight, improving long term reliability and performance.


Blu Link

The cutting edge technology of Onyx+’s Bluetooth wireless connectivity will transform the way you hear the sounds of life. The optional Mini Blu and Blu RCU not only control hearing aid functions, they also allow Onyx+ hearing aids to Onyx high-quality, stereo sound from many popular audio devices such as TVs, mobile phones, Mp3 players and more!