What You Should Know About Rexton Hearing Aids

Technology has grown incredibly fast in the past ten years. While most people have been excited about the newest smart devices on the market, the hearing aid experts at Rexton have been working around the clock to develop products that are user-friendly, durable, connected, and affordable.
Say “goodbye” to the clunky, whistling hearing instruments of the past and “hello” to Rexton’s line of smart devices designed to fit any lifestyle. To help you better understand all the amazing new things our hearing aids can do, here’s a list of the ten most essential features and facts so you can begin your hearing restoration journey in confidence.

  1. Discretion: While there is nothing embarrassing about hearing loss, many people are concerned about having a medical device visible in their ear. For this reason, Rexton is proud to sell products that can be molded to fit in your ear canal for maximum discretion and comfort.
  2. Smart technology: Unlike analog hearing aids of the past, which simply turned up the volume, today’s digital hearing aids analyze the incoming sound stream before delivering it to your ears. What you hear is modified to fit to the specifics of your hearing loss, while minimizing wind noise, feedback, and whatever else you don’t want to hear.
  3. Designed for all ages and budgets: Hearing loss not only affects the elderly, but people of all ages. Unfortunately, fewer than one-third of those who need a hearing aid have ever worn one. Rexton’s products are designed for all ages and budgets so you can begin your hearing restoration as soon as possible.
  4. Better listening in any situation: Our hearing aids adapt to multiple listening situations so that you can hear comfortably anywhere, from a crowded conference room to a football game. Simply use your smartphone or remote to adjust the equalizer settings on your hearing aids for different locations and save them to your device’s memory so you can experience the clearest sound no matter where you are.
  5. Enhanced connectivity: With the help of wireless technology, our hearing aids can connect instantly to various audio sources at home and in public. In the U.S., thousands of entertainment and religious venues now offer assistance for those with hearing loss. For a list of locations that offer Assistive Listening Devices and other services compatible with Rexton products, please visit aldlocator.com.
  6. Hear yourself naturally: One of Rexton’s more unique product features is My Voice. With this capability, each user’s own voice is identified and then filtered out by the hearing aids to distinguish it from other speakers as well as environmental sounds, eliminating the tinny or mechanical sound of your voice you may experience with other hearing aids. Note that this feature is only available on our MyCore models.
  7. Money-saving rechargeability: With Rexton, you can eliminate the costs and waste of disposable hearing aid batteries. Many of our models come with a rechargeable, eco-friendly lithium-ion battery. On average, these batteries can hold a charge for an entire day no matter how much use they get.
  8. Hearing aids that fit your lifestyle: The majority of our models are made with IP67-rated technology to protect against significant moisture, sweat, and dirt – perfect if you have an active lifestyle. In addition, these devices protect against earwax buildup to keep your receiver clean, which means you don’t have to worry about your hearing aids disrupting your busy life!
  9. innitus relief: Ringing in the ears, otherwise known as tinnitus, can be an aggravating and stressful condition. To fight back against the effects of tinnitus, Rexton hearing aids come with a Tinnitus Function that acts to mute the tone by generating a sound pattern around the tinnitus signal to provide some relief from the constant tone.
  10. Available only through licensed distributors: Hearing aids are sophisticated medical devices that still require a prescription to be purchased. For this reason, Rexton products are only sold in stores through licensed distributors. While other devices intended to treat hearing loss are available online, self-treatment has been linked to serious hearing and other health risks. If you are interested in a hearing aid, please send us your contact information so we can help you schedule an appointment with a Rexton specialist in your area as soon as possible.