How to Travel with Rexton Hearing Aids

If you have hearing loss, you know how difficult it can be to explore a new place. In addition to missing important information from tour guides and locals, you may miss boarding calls or become frustrated trying to navigate the transportation system. Fortunately, Rexton hearing aids are designed for portability and convenience, so you can relax on your vacation without having to worry about fumbling with multiple devices.

While our hearing aids are durable and can withstand exposure to a wide range of environments, it’s important to keep them safe and clean during your vacation so they can provide the highest level of functionality and comfort.

Packing for your Rexton device

Rexton products and repairs are only available through a licensed specialist, so you might not always find equipment for your hearing aid while traveling. To keep them working properly, you will need to bring along all the necessary equipment to keep your hearing aid charged and protected. We recommend packing enough supplies to last a few days longer than your scheduled trip so you can be prepared in case of any last-minute changes or delays.

Below, we’ve provided a list of the items you should pack for your Rexton devices:

  1. A smartphone that connects to your hearing aid
  2. Carry-on case for your equipment
  3. Dehumidifier (especially useful for humid destinations)
  4. Remote or wireless accessories, such as our Smart Remote or Smart Transmitter
  5. Extra batteries (if not using our Smart Li-ion Power charger)
  6. Any cleaning and storage products
  7. Power strip for all your chargers and accessories
  8. Attachable accessories such as tubing, audio shoe, soft domes, or sport clip
  9. An alarm that uses light or vibration instead of sound
  10. An extra hearing aid (if available)

Hearing aids and airport security

Worried about passing through airport security with your Rexton hearing aids? While you may have to take an extra couple of steps to ensure a smooth travel process, it is better than traveling without them and risking your enjoyment while on vacation. To help make the procedure easier, we’ve provided answers to the most common questions regarding Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations so you can be prepared for your flight:

Are hearing aids allowed to be worn through security checkpoints?

Before beginning your screening, you should alert a security officer that you are wearing hearing aids. While you don’t have to take your hearing aids out at this time, they may set off the metal detector or be flagged for further screening after being scanned by imaging technology. If this occurs, you will most likely receive a brief manual inspection or pat down.

Will my hearing aids be damaged during the screening process?

No. Metal detectors, full-body scanners, X-rays, and other detection devices are not known to cause damage to hearing aids.

Am I allowed to place my hearing aids in my carry-on bag?

Yes. However, please note that your device may be subject to additional screening by a TSA officer if detected as an irregularity during the screening process.

Do I need to provide medical documentation of my hearing loss?

Medical documents are not required during a travel security screening. If you would like to be discreet about your condition, consider bringing along any documents that will help you explain your situation to an officer. In addition, you can also download and complete a TSA notification card before traveling so you can display your information upon arrival.

Is hearing aid use permitted while on the airplane?

While other passengers are required to turn their electronic devices off or on airplane mode while traveling, devices such as pacemakers and hearing aids are exempt from this regulation thanks to the FAA. This is because these products do not produce the same type of signals as other electronics that may disturb aircraft controls.

Plan your trip with the help of a Rexton specialist

Preparing for a vacation with hearing aids can be tricky, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our online locator is available so you can make an appointment with a Rexton specialist to have all your travel questions answered. Don’t risk ruining your vacation because of poor planning—make an appointment today.