Rely on Rexton’s free online hearing test

Do you ever ask yourself: Am I going deaf? If so, you need a reliable way to check if you should take action against hearing loss.  

Our quick, easy and effective 5-minute hearing test is a great place to start. 

Making sure you can rely on your hearing

It’s important to be able to hear high frequency and low frequency sounds. This hearing test is designed to find out if both your ears can hear these tones normally.  
Simply listen to several sounds, first in your right ear and then in your left ear. At the end, you will find out if you should see a hearing care professional due to possible hearing loss. 

How to take the Rexton online hearing test

Please use headphones or AirPods while taking the test. This is because each ear has to be tested individually. You also want to avoid background noise to get the most accurate result. 

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