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Life becomes a challenge when your hearing starts to go. At Rexton, we won’t let hearing loss hold you back. That’s why we work hard to deliver proven hearing technology in the most reliable way. We understand what reliability means in real life, and make practical, easy-to-use products you can count on. Our hearing aids have been getting the job done since 1955, so whatever life throws at you, you can rely on Rexton.

Hearing aids you can rely on. Since 1955.

At Rexton, we have been building state-of-the-art hearing aids since our company foundation in 1955. We have delivered countless innovations and technical breakthroughs - so that you can rely on good hearing. Rexton hearing aids are built to be worn wherever you work. And play. They go where you need to go, and never let you down. They’re durable, practical, easy to fit & use and tested to the highest standards. Find out more here.

Rexton hearing aids

MyCore Hearing Aids

MyCore provides direct audio streaming from iPhone to wearers hearing aid.

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