Introducing MyCore 8C Technology: A perfect combination of natural sound and direct streaming. 

Rexton’s new MyCore platform combines the best of two worlds: direct audio streaming from iPhone and advanced binaural signal processing that allows wearers to hear more comfortably and naturally. We’re especially proud to introduce an amazing new feature, My Voice, which allows wearers to hear their own voice naturally.

MyCore 8C technology is available in both RIC and BTE models. Wearers can now enjoy a truly individualized hearing experience.

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Technology for MyCore 8C

MyCore hearing aids have a combination of new features that give wearers everything they need to enjoy a natural hearing experience.

Direct Streaming

Feature: Connects MyCore hearing aids to iPhone. With Smart Transmitter 2.4, MyCore devices connect directly to TV and any other Bluetooth® devices. Smart Mic can be used as a microphone or as an interface to Bluetooth-enabled phones for even more streaming options.

Benefit: Easier connectivity for all wearers.

My Voice

Feature: Identifies each user’s own voice and specifically processes it to distinguish it from other speakers as well as environmental sounds.

Benefit: Experience the natural sound of one's voice.

Voice Ranger

Feature: Maintains the natural loudness of the target speaker compared to competing voices in the environment.

Benefit: Easier one-on-one listening in noisy situations.

Stereo iLock

Feature: A technology that allows for very narrow directional listening beam focusing on the front.

Benefit: Improves the signal-to-noise ratio indifficult listening environments.

Intelligent Feedback Preventer

Feature: Identifies feedback at a high speed.

Benefit: Prevents any whistling.

Dynamic Extender

Feature: Increases the dynamic range of sounds.

Benefit: Enhance sound quality, especially important when listening to music.

MyCore Hearing Aids


Stellar RIC 8C

The smart rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aid that features Direct Streaming.

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inoX CIC 8C

Combines comfort with the cosmetic appeal of fitting invisibly in the ear.

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Emerald S 8C RIC

A perfect combination of small size and huge new performance.

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Emerald XS 8C RIC

The comfortable solution for severe to profound hearing losses with Direct Streaming.

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Emerald M 8C RIC

Brand new features and benefits in a small hearing aid.

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Mosaic M 8C BTE

The reliable BTE that fits any ear.

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Mosaic P 8C BTE

The comfortable solution for severe to profound hearing losses with Direct Streaming.

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Sterling 8C CIC / IIC

The utmost in discretion with the latest technology

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MyCore Accessories

New Bluetooth® connectivity allows wearers to stream music and phone calls from an iPhone directly to the MyCore hearing instruments. Stream audio from the TV with the Smart Transmitter 2.4 accessory or discreetly control the hearing instruments with free apps for Android and iOS smartphones. Chat
hands-free from most Bluetooth® enabled devices with the Smart Mic accessory.


Smart Direct App

A remote control app available for both iPhone and Android smartphones to control volume, programs, microphone pattern adjustment and more.

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Smart Mic

  • A small remote microphone that uses Bluetooth® to stream the speakers voice to the MyCore devices. It also offers hands-free operation for Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Can be used as a remote control.
  • Can be used as a companion microphone to directly stream live conversations to the hearing aids.

Smart Transmitter 2.4

A versatile device that connects TVs and streams the audio directly  to MyCore hearing aids providing Dolby Digital sound.



  • Our wireless CROS solution for unilateral hearing loss. It comes in the sturdy 312 housing and is compatible with all MyCore wireless devices.
  • Provides a permanent wireless sound transmission
  • Uses energy-efficient Wireless Sync technology resulting in a longer battery run-time.

Smart Key

  • Small, discreet, convenient remote control with easy to use buttons.
  • For use with MyCore, TruCore and Essential1 products.