Our breakthrough BiCore technology, built on Speech Preservation Technology presents another two important technological updates that provides users with the confidence to hear well in a variety of real-world situations. 

Also our legacy TruCore technology also has an important First fit update with Connexx 9.9 release.

Wind Noise CancellerSoundpro 2.0 │ 48 Channel First Fit


Wind Noise Cancelation

With our improved wind noise cancelation feature, users can enjoy a more comfortable hearing experience when in windy outdoor situations. 

Wind Noise Canceller applies now an even stronger smoothing to wind noise fluctuations, so wearers can rely on their Rexton hearing aids to automatically provide a comfortable and pleasant listening experience - even in windy outdoor environments.

Soundpro 2.0

The upgraded Soundpro 2.0 leverages MyVoice 2.0 when users are communicating in tough environments. Rexton hearing aids can now use the identification of the wearer’s own voice to better optimize the voices of the wearer’s conversation partners while also keeping background sounds more stable. For that to happen, MyVoice 2.0 needs to be calibrated (if already calibrated, only FW Update should be executed to improve Soundpro 2.0). 

48 Channel First Fit

With a single click, TrueCore 48 Channel First Fit can now be applied to all performance levels regardless of how many handles and processing channels they have. This means a faster and reliable fitting for HCPs and a more accurate match for each user’s distinct hearing loss needs. 

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