Introducing Emerald M 6c TruCore

Our premium Emerald™ receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids are now available with our TruCore™ Technology in three models –  the Emerald M, S, and XS. Enjoy a more natural listening experience than ever with these discreet, feature-rich devices.

Emerald™ M 6c

Emerald M 6c is perfect whether you’re a new or experienced wearer looking for a discreet, convenient hearing aid that keeps you connected to everything you want to hear. This includes your wireless audio devices. It is small yet fully featured – proving hi-tech can come in a small package. Two rechargeable RIC hearing aids that are small yet fully-featured with wireless remote audio streaming when used with the Smart Connect, and handy apps for discreet control.  Available in 30 level.


Emerald XS  6RIC

This tiny and elegant hearing aid offers complete discretion with a high level of technology.

  • Three performance levels
  • Six programs
  • Voice Ranger
  • Reverb Reducer
  • Music Enhancer
  • Size 10 A battery
  • Tinnitus Function
  • Durable SecureTec IP67-rated construction
  • Adjust hearing aid settings, monitor battery status, and more via free app

Emerald S 6RIC

A rechargeable hearing aid that is small while being fully featured.

  • All the features of Emerald XS
  • Rechargeable
  • Wireless and streaming connectivity
  • Size 312 battery
  • Telecoil
  • Xphone