MyCore Hörsysteme

MyCore. Made for Me!

MyCore Technology: A reliable, perfect combination of natural sound and direct streaming. 

MyCore combines the best of two worlds: direct audio streaming from iPhones and advanced binaural signal processing that lets you hear more comfortably and naturally, and MyVoice that allows you to hear your own voice as naturally as possible.

Technology for MyCore 8C

MyCore hearing aids have a combination of features that enables to rely on a natural hearing experience.

Direct Streaming

Feature: Connects MyCore hearing aids to iPhone. With Smart Transmitter 2.4, MyCore devices connect directly to TV and any other Bluetooth® devices. Smart Mic can be used as a microphone or as an interface to Bluetooth-enabled phones for even more streaming options.

Benefit: Easier connectivity for all wearers.

My Voice

Feature: Recognizes the wearer’s own voice and specifically processes it to sound as natural as the wearer is used to hearing themselves.

Benefit: Experience the natural sound of one’s voice.

Voice Ranger

Feature: Maintains the natural loudness of the target speaker compared to competing voices in the environment.

Benefit: Easier one-on-one listening in noisy situations. 

Stereo iLock

Feature: A technology that allows for very narrow directional listening beam focusing on the front.

Benefit: Improves the signal-to-noise ratio in difficult listening environments.

Intelligent Feedback Preventer

Feature: Identifies feedback at a high speed.

Benefit: Lets wearers rely on and enjoy a whistle-free hearing experience.

Dynamic Extender

Feature: Increases the dynamic range of sounds.

Benefit: Enhance sound quality, especially important when listening to music.

MyCore Hearing Aids

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