Rexton’s range of ear tips, tubing, and receivers will make sure your users barely notice that they’re wearing their hearing aids. We offer a variety of options to fit different ear shapes and needs so there’s no need to worry about them falling out or being out of place. With so many options, your users’ get a consistent, reliable hearing experience.

Comfort & usability

Rexton Hearing aid tips are available in assorted types that can be adjusted to fit your users’ ear canal appropriately. There are a variety of both shapes and sizes that maximize physical comfort and avoid sound leakage.

Plus, the new hearing aid design allows for easy eartip exchange without risk of damaging the receiver.

Reduced size

With our freshly designed thin tube and receiver, we’ve managed to reduce the size of our hearing aids by nearly 25%! Plus, with new they’re more secure than ever so your users can rest assured their devices will stay in place.

Faster, simpler measuring, and fitting

It’s never been easier to find the correct fit for your users new Rexton hearing aids. Changing out receivers is easier than ever. There is absolutely no tool for receiver assembly or disassembly required.
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