TruCore Emerald 6c RIC

Emerald™ RIC  hearing aids are available with TruCore™ Technology in three models –  Emerald M, S, and XS. Enjoy a very natural listening experience with these discreet, feature-rich devices.

Emerald XS 6c RIC

This tiny and elegant hearing aid offers complete discretion with a high level of technology.

  • Three performance levels
  • Six programs
  • Voice Ranger
  • Reverb Reducer
  • Music Enhancer
  • Size 10 A battery
  • Tinnitus Function
  • Durable SecureTec IP67-rated construction
  • Adjust hearing aid settings, monitor battery status, and more via free app

Emerald S 6c RIC

A rechargeable, small hearing aid that is fully featured.

  • All the features of Emerald XS
  • Rechargeable
  • Wireless and streaming connectivity
  • Size 312 battery
  • Telecoil
  • Xphone

Emerald M 6c

Emerald M 6C - a discreet, convenient hearing aid that keeps you connected to everything you want to hear. This includes wireless audio devices. It is small yet fully featured. 
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