With M-Core you always hear what's important, automatically

M-Core hearing aids

When you trust your senses to keep you safe and sound – hearing clearly in every situation is a must.

Our latest generation of hearing aids use proven MotionCore technology to recognize and adapt to your environment, automatically. 

They are designed to be durable, practical and easy-to-use. So you can rely on Rexton in any situation.

Hear what's important
wherever you go

With proven MotionCore technology, M-Core hearing aids can automatically recognize and adapt to your environment better than ever. 

Motion Sensor

MotionCore technology features an integrated real-time motion sensor that detects your movements to even more accurately determine your hearing situation.

M-Core hearing aids can automatically recognize up to 20 times more individual hearing situations than previous models.


Most M-Core hearing aids are rechargeable so you can spare the hassle of battery changing and also do good for the environment.

The hearing aids feature advanced lithium-ion technology, with up to 61 hours wear time on a single charge (depending on hearing aid model). And the stylish M-Core SR hearing aids even come with a mobile charger that carries 3 additional charges without needing a power socket.

Reliable hearing in any situation

MotionCore hearing aids can recognize up to 20 times more individual hearing situations than previous models, so you can rely on Rexton whether you are on the job, spending time with your family, or taking a well-deserved break.


Stream audio from smartphones, TVs or devices wirelessly to the hearing aids; directly or via transmitter.

Direct Audio Streaming is available for iOS smartphones, and Android smartphones can stream with the addition of the Smart Mic accessory. 

My Voice

M-Core hearing aids recognize your specific voice pattern and integrate it seamlessly into what you hear. This creates a natural-sounding reflection of your own voice that makes communicating easier.

High Resolution Soundpro

Using a combination of inputs including real-time motion data and sound directionality, High Resolution Soundpro continuously adjusts the sound settings to provide the most reliable impression of your environment, automatically.
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