As a hearing care professional, you know there’s a crucial adoption period for both new and existing hearing aid users.

Ensure they get the best experience from their new hearing aids with Connexx, Rexton’s hearing aid fitting software.

Once you’ve created a custom user profile during the initial visit, you can conduct consultations, adjust the hearing aids' settings, and and access support remotely.


When it comes to hearing aids, one size never fits all. Every user’s hearing care needs, situations, and preferences are different.

That’s why Connexx hearing aid fitting software is designed to work with you and translate users’ feedback into meaningful adjustments. With our proprietary software and methodology, you can reduce the amount of back and forth in finding the right settings and tuning.

Bluetooth adjustments

Face-to-face weekly or monthly check-ins are no longer the only option to ensure best fit. 

With Bluetooth-enabled devices, Connexx can address issues that arise quickly over a video call or message without a long wait in between appointments.

Fast, intuitive workflow

Every part of our Connexx interface has been designed to give you the information you need when you need it. That way, you can focus more on consultation and less on finding what you need.

Seamless integration

Connexx integrates and shares information directly with the TeleCare portal and our Rexton App giving you a holistic view into your user’s progress


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