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Offer reliable service, reduce in-person appointments, and increase adoption.

Research has shown that remote hearing aid care maximizes adoption rates and increases user satisfaction.

No more long waits between appointments for your users. Through our proprietary teleaudiology platform, Rexton TeleCare, you can offer remote hearing aid care which helps you maximize your team's productivity.

The digital platform that helps you support users’ hearing care journey

Our commitment to quality stretches beyond just our dependable hearing aid technology. Rexton’s teleaudiology platform helps you provide your users everything from remote tuning, messaging, and daily feedback ratings so you can always be providing the most dependable service.
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You’re always in touch with your users

From instant messaging to video and audio calls, our TeleCare solution helps guide your users' along their journey as they grow confident and get used to their new Rexton hearing aids.
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Reduces back-end work

By bringing together remote support, communication tools, and fitting with Connexx, your team can spend less time battling with outdated software and more time on providing top-notch service.
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As easy as signing onto a video call

When used with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, adjustments can be done remotely over video call or through the Rexton App.
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Safe, secure, and private remote hearing care

All TeleCare databases are encrypted and certified by the Microsoft Azure Security Center so you can be confident that your user’s PII is safe and secured with every login.
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