New features for BiCore hearing aids, Rexton App and Connexx

Headset mode with call control

The current BiCore Headset mode that allows iPhone users to have phone conversations via Bluetooth is upgraded. Users can now accept and reject phone calls by tapping the hearing aid device, instead of doing it through the phone device. RIC/BTE users can do so by pressing the rocker switch and Slim RIC users can do the same by tapping the top housing. Headset mode with call control is available for performance levels 80/60/40.

Rexton App

Enhancement on sound quality during streaming through Rexton Assist. 
Learn more about the Rexton App


Connexx 9.8.5 update addresses connectivity issues, and minor bugs, and more. 

  • Data Logging is now called Data Insights and still provide hints on main activities held since last session.
  • Rexton Assist details dialog now display changes performed by it, regarding Streaming sound.  
  • Tinnitus Notch Therapy workflow is revised and does not change sound impression when opening its page. 
  • Fitting Assistant Optimizations can now apply single sided adjustment.  
  • Redesigned coupling panel
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