The Rexton App, our chargers, and accessories add convenience to listening comfort.

Rexton cares about all your listening needs, including discretion, convenience, and ease of use. The Rexton App and other hearing aid accessories make your hearing aids easier to control and connect to everything in your world.

Rexton App

The Rexton App is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity. It is your all-in-one remote companion to control functions like: volume, program change, microphone pattern, etc. Depending on the connected Rexton hearing aids' connectivity, the Rexton App can do what can be done. 

CROS Hearing Solutions

Rexton’s CROS hearing solutions are the reliable approach towards unilateral hearing. The CROS solution sends the acoustic input that reaches the deaf ear to the hearing aid on the functioning ear. This way, you can rely on hearing everything around you in a best possible way. The CROS solutions use a very energy-efficient, wireless sync technology, resulting in a very long battery runtime. The MotionCore CROS hearing solutions are compatible with all other MotionCore hearing aids. And the MyCore CROS hearing solutions do the same with all MyCore hearing aids.

Please contact your hearing care professional for further information.


Check the compatibility of your device so you can take the most of your Rexton hearing aid. 
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Smart Transmitter 2.4

Bluetooth transmitter for TV and audio systems

A versatile device that connects TVs and stereo systems with your hearing aids and streams the audio directly to your devices.

  • No separate remote control needed
  • Easy pairing and connecting

Smart Transmitter

Streams audio signals from additional devices, such as TV, directly into hearing aids.

Smart Connect

Discreet, hands-free Bluetooth remote allows transmitting phone calls into both ears without touching the phone. Smart Connect also enables music streaming, TV, and other audio sources.


Smart Mic

Direct audio streaming from practically any Bluetooth-enabled Android smartphone

The small remote microphone enables hands-free phone calls. It can be used as a remote control and as a companion microphone streaming live conversations to the hearing aids.

  • Listen to music in stereo quality
  • Can be used as a conference microphone

Smart Key

Small, discreet, convenient remote control with easy to use buttons.

  • Small and handy
  • Control with easy to use buttons
  • For use with nearly all Rexton hearing aids

Smart Remote

An easy-to-use hearing aid remote control with a display screen makes it easy to adjust volume, programs, and turn hearing aids on and off, as well as other customization functions


Travel Charger

For Motion Core R-Li

This portable charger provides up to 3 charges on the go – without connecting to a power outlet.

  • Charges in 4 hours
  • 30-minute fast charging
  • Easy insertion/removal of aids
  • Automatic on/off
  • USB-C power adapter

Charging Station R

For BiCore R-Li

This stationary charger is a very stable and easy to use unit, with a robust design and construction.

  • Charges in 4 hours
  • 30-minute fast charging
  • Easy insertion/removal of aids
  • Automatic on/off
  • Fixed charging cable
  • Built in magnet holds hearing aids in place

Charging Station B-HP / B-P

A powerful hearing aid needs a powerful and long-lasting charger. The Charging Station with its galvanic charging system ensures a lossless charging process.

  • Robust and scratch resistant
  • 30-minute fast charge
  • USB charging cable
  • For M-CORE B-Li P and M-CORE B-Li HP

Charging+ Station

For BiCore R-Li, M-Core B-Li P and M-Core B-Li HP

The Charging Station+ has an integrated drying function and UV cleaning light, ensuring your hearing aids stay in good condition, keeping them as reliable as can be.

  • Robust and scratch-resistant design
  • 30-minute fast charge
  • Integrated drying functionality
  • UV cleaning

Charging Station

The Charging Station comes with a charger lid to protect the hearing aids and its smart design also accommodates custom molds. A fast charging option, a drying function via inductive charging, and intuitive left and right LEDs for status information complete this charger.

The charger’s lid protects hearing aids while they are charging and makes it a smart carrying case.

Travel Charger

The portable charger for M-Core SR hearing aids enables on-the-go top-ups, for up to 4 days of use – so you can easily enjoy a relaxed weekend trip without needing a power socket.

  • The charger can be charged wirelessly with Qi standard
  • Allows up to additional 3 full charges on the go
  • Charging Case recharges fully in just three hours

Smart Li-ion Power

Fast, inductive charging

Once the hearing systems are placed in the charging station, the charging process starts automatically. A complete charge takes approximately 4 hours. Even after just 30 minutes, the hearing aids are ready for another 7 hours of use. Three LEDs display the charging status of the hearing aids.

  • Drying function during charging
  • Automatic switch-off guarantees overcharge protection
  • Standard power supply with micro-USB connector
  • Compatible with standard power banks
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