MyCore Emerald XS/S/M 8C RIC

MyCore Emerald XS 8C RIC

The comfortable solution for severe to profound hearing losses with Direct Streaming.

This tiny and elegant hearing aid offers complete discretion with a high level of technology. 

MyCore Features:

  • Can be remotely controlled via remote or app
  • Voice Ranger
  • Dynamic Extender
  • Intelligent Feedback Preventer

MyCore Emerald S 8C RIC

A perfect combination of small size and great performance.

This tiny device boasts direct streaming to iPhone via Bluetooth® and easier streaming to most Bluetooth® enabled phones via Smart Mic. Emerald S 8C is small yet fully featured. Its variety of accessories offers full control and usability.

MyCore Emerald M 8C RIC

The Emerald M 8C, discreet but powerful, with an extra long battery lifetime. With up to 75 dB of gain, Emerald M 8C fits up to severe hearing loss. The size 13 battery ensures long running times without battery changes.

Optional T-coil, audio streaming and useful accessories provide ultimate flexibility for the wearer. The Rexton App allows for discreet control.

MyCore Features

  • My Voice
  • Direct Audio Streaming to phones
  • Binaural Signal Processing
  • Easily connects with smartphones*, TV and other devices
  • Can be remotely controlled via remote or app


* Bluetooth® enabled

Compatible Apps and Accessories

Rexton App

The Rexton App is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity. It is your all-in-one remote companion to control functions like: volume, program change, microphone pattern etc. Depending on the connected Rexton hearing aids’ connectivity, the Rexton app can do what can be done.


Compatible with MyCore Emerald XS 8C RIC

Smart Key

  • Small, discreet, convenient remote control with easy to use buttons.
  • For use with nearly all Rexton hearing aids.

Compatible with MyCore Emerald S/M 8C RIC


  • Our wireless CROS solution for unilateral hearing loss. It comes in the sturdy 312 housing and is compatible with all MyCore wireless devices.
  • Provides a permanent wireless sound transmission
  • Uses energy-efficient Wireless Sync technology resulting in a longer battery run-time.

Smart Transmitter 2.4

A versatile device that connects TVs and streams the audio directly to MyCore hearing aids providing Dolby Digital sound.

Smart Mic

  • A small remote microphone that uses Bluetooth® to stream the speakers voice to the MyCore devices. It also offers hands-free operation for Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Can be used as a remote control.
  • Can be used as a companion microphone to directly stream live conversations to the hearing aids.
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