Comfortable, discreet, and effective hearing is within reach.

Our Essential product line is powered by our proven technology, and comes with compelling features like noise reduction, feedback preventer, and directionality. These features provide you with easier understanding in difficult listening environments.



Essential Features

  • Four performance levels
  • Up to four programs
  • Directional microphones
  • Digital noise reduction
  • Feedback preventer
  • Reliable and durable construction
  • Bluetooth® friendly (performance level 30 only)
  • App compatible
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Preparing you for every hearing situation.

When you choose our Essential hearing aids, you will experience a hearing solution engineered for your specific listening and lifestyle needs. Now you can enjoy the sounds of family and friends with ease thanks to our Essential technology.

Our Essential hearing aids are not only discreet and comfortable, they are effective in a variety of listening environments. Our directional microphones help you concentrate on the conversation in front of you when you are in noisy surroundings. This way, you hear only what you want to hear, whether you’re in a busy restaurant or at a family gathering.


Enjoy conversations again.

Going out to lunch with a friend? Our Essential solutions employ digital noise reduction technology to suppress unwanted noise like chatter from other tables and clattering silverware, while their directional microphones hone in on your friend’s voice. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your conversation.


No annoying whistling.

Say goodbye to the annoying, high-pitched whistle you remember from your grandparents’ hearing aids. Our Essential technology includes feedback prevention, so you can enjoy a loved one’s whisper or phone conversation without the interference of that irritating whine.

Reliable and durable

Thanks to SecureTec™ IP67-rated technology, the entire Essential line is resistant to moisture, sweat, and dirt. Your hearing aids are hardy enough to keep up with you whether you’re camping, gardening, or riding a bike. The C-Grid Wax Protection even prevents cerumen (earwax) from clogging the receiver. So, do whatever you want today and don’t worry about their performance — your hearing aids can keep up!


* The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Sivantos GmbH is under license.

Available Products

Emerald S RIC

Emerald™ S is a RIC hearing aid that is small yet fully-featured with wireless remote audio streaming when used with the Smart Connect, and handy apps for inconspicuous control. Available in 30 level.


Emerald XS RIC

Emerald™ XS is perfect if you’re looking for style and discretion. With sophisticated and nearly invisible housing, it is the perfect hearing aid for style-conscious wearers. Take advantage of discreet, easy listening and go about your day with ease. Available in 30 level.

Joy S

The Joy™ S BTE is an economical option that offers discreet and versatile performance. You’ll appreciate the range of features across four performance levels, including directional microphones and flexible user control options. Available in 40/30/20/10 levels.


Joy M

New and experienced wearers looking for an affordable hearing system can count on the Joy M BTE. Flexible fitting and modern features can meet your discriminating needs. Available in 30/20/10 levels.

Joy P

Looking for an affordable hearing aid? You can count on the Joy P BTE. Its flexible fit and Essential features will satisfy your expectations. Available in 30/20/10 levels.


Joy HP

An affordable hearing aid that will satisfy your fundamental needs and expectations. Available in 20/10 levels.

Sterling Custom

Sterling™ ITEs are perfect for anyone looking for a hassle-free hearing solution to many hearing losses. Our highly skilled technology experts created Sterling to provide a comfortable, tailor-made fit. With a complete range of customs that are easy to control, Sterling custom products offer the perfect fit for virtually everyone. Fully featured for a flexible fit and comfortable listening experience. Now the Sterling CIC features an integrated battery door with push button for increased flexibility in a tiny size. Available in 30/20/10 levels.



inoX click and fit

inoX™ is available as a basic ITC or CIC that’s discreet, comfortable, and immediately ready to use without the need for an impression. Available in 10 level.