Our new Essential E1 product line is now powered by our most advanced technology, TruCore,™ with high-performance features that improve your overall listening experience. You will enjoy comfortable hearing and wireless connectivity in all listening environments.

Key Essential E1 Features

Voice Ranger

Maintains the natural loudness of the target speaker compared to other competing voices.

Directional microphones

Improves speech intelligibility in noisy environments.

Bandwidth compression

Provides access to sounds you haven’t heard in a while and provides better speech understanding.

Automatic classifier

Classifies sound automatically in distinct environment categories without you having to press a button.

* The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Sivantos GmbH is under license.


Designed for all your hearing situations.

Choose our Essential E1 hearing aids and you will experience an enhanced hearing solution engineered for your specific listening and lifestyle needs. Now you can enjoy the sounds of family and friends with ease thanks to our E1 technology.

Our enhanced E1 hearing aids are not only discreet and comfortable, they are effective in a wide variety of listening environments. Our directional microphones help you concentrate on the conversation in front of you when you are in noisy surroundings. This way, you hear only what you want to hear, no matter where you are.

Enjoy conversations again.

Going out to lunch with a friend and worried about not being able to hear them easily? Our Essential E1 solutions employ digital noise reduction technology to suppress unwanted noise like chatter from other tables and clattering silverware.


Check out the bells and whistles.

Have you found that you can no longer hear certain high-frequency voices and sounds like your grandchild’s voice, the doorbell, or oven timer?  It’s a common experience with hearing loss. Fortunately, E1 products are designed to compress those high-frequency sounds and move them into the range where you hear better, so you can enjoy all the sounds you’ve been missing.

Rely on Essential E1 hearing aid durability with confidence.

Thanks to SecureTec™ IP67-rated technology, the entire Essential E1 line is resistant to moisture, sweat, and dirt. Your hearing aids are hardy enough to keep up with you whether you’re gardening, jogging, bike riding, or just getting caught in the rain. The C-Grid Wax Protection even prevents earwax from clogging the receiver. So, do whatever you want and don’t worry about their performance — your hearing aids can keep up!


Available Essential E1 Products

Stellar Li RIC

Stellar™ Li 30 E1 is our lithium-ion rechargeable RIC that doesn’t require any battery changes. All you need to do is place Stellar Li in the Smart Li-ion Power charger, and in four hours you can enjoy 24 hours of use, even while streaming. Buying and fussing with tiny batteries is now a thing of the past. Available in Level 30.


Emerald XS RIC

Emerald™ XS, our smallest RIC, has now been specially designed with expanded features and apps. The result is a hearing aid that is nearly invisible behind your ear. Perfect for first-time wearers who demand complete discretion, you’ll also enjoy full remote control and usability via a remote accessory or app. Available in E1 30 and 20 levels.


Emerald S RIC

Emerald™ S is our small yet fully featured RIC hearing aid with wireless remote audio streaming (when used with the Smart Connect), and handy apps for inconspicuous control. It’s a perfect combination of high performance and small size that you’ll enjoy. Available in E1 30 and 20 levels.


Mosaic S BTE

The Mosaic™ S is our most discreet BTE with wireless connectivity that keeps you connected in every listening situation. The small-sized remote control enables you to change volume, programs, and more with discretion. Available in E1 30/20/10 levels.


Mosaic M BTE

The Mosaic M BTE is a highly discreet device that fits any ear without limitation. It now provides great control and easy handling with both the Smart Remote App and Smart Key Remote. Uses a size 13 battery so you benefit from longer battery life. Available in E1 30/20/10 levels.


Mosaic P BTE

If you require more amplification, the Mosaic P is a BTE with impressive power, great wearing comfort, and options that you want in your hearing aids. It’s fully featured with useful accessories that provide you with ultimate flexibility. Available in E1 30/20/10 levels.


Mosiac HP BTE

If you require the most amplification possible, the Mosaic HP is specifically made to meet your needs. Like our other E1 BTEs, it comes fully featured and is compatible with all accessories and apps. It uses a 675 battery, providing you the longest lasting battery life possible. Available in E1 30/20/10 levels.


Sterling Custom

Sterling™ ITEs are perfect for anyone looking for a hassle-free hearing solution for many hearing losses. Our highly skilled technology experts created Sterling to provide a comfortable, tailor-made fit. With a complete range of customs that are easy to control, Sterling custom products offer the perfect fit for virtually everyone. Available in 30/20/10 levels.



inoX Click and Fit

inoX™ devices are perfect if you’re looking a comfortable fit without the need for custom impressions or the wait for finished hearing aids. Just fit and go! Bluetooth®* wireless streaming via Smart Connect and useful accessories allow you the ultimate flexibility, and the apps allow for discreet control. Available in E1 30/20/10 levels.



* The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Sivantos GmbH is under license.