Enjoy discreet, hassle-free control with Rexton accessories.


Rexton hearing aid accessories make our hearing aids easy to handle and inconspicuous. By adding a charger or hearing aid remote control, you have even more control over your hearing. Our full suite of accessories includes the products shown below as additional ways to enhance your hearing and quality of life. We even have Bluetooth® compatible hearing aid accessories! Ask your hearing health professional which one is right for you during your hearing evaluation.


Stellar Li-on Charger

Stellar Li lives up to its name with smart, state-of-the art charging and a lithium-ion power cell that eliminates the need for changing batteries. Stellar’s Smart Li-ion charger has no charging contacts, making it easy and convenient to charge. In just four hours of charging it’s ready to go for another 24 hours. With four receiver options, Stellar Li is suitable even for wearers with severe hearing loss.


Smart Power Charger

Our eco-friendly technology charges Rexton hearing aids overnight. The Smart Power charging unit contains a heat drying function, removing harmful moisture. Our rechargeable hearing aids are hassle-free . There’s no need to remove the batteries from the hearing aids before charging, eliminating dexterity issues and the daily hassle of dealing with batteries.

Smart Connect

Discreet, hands-free Bluetooth remote allows you to hear your phone calls in both ears without touching the phone or the need for a separate Bluetooth earpiece. Smart Connect also allows you to stream music, TV, and other audio right into your hearing aids, and doubles as a hearing aid remote control.

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Accessories for Smart Connect

The following accessories are useful additions for Smart Connect:


Smart Transmitter

Sends audio signals from additional devices, such as TV, directly into hearing aids. Allows you to stream sound from your favorite shows right into your hearing aids!

Speech Connect

This wireless microphone can be worn by a companion or loved one. It transmits and amplifies their voice directly into your hearing aids, facilitating conversational ease.


Remote Controls


Smart Key

Small, discreet key fob-sized remote for your hearing aids enables you to change volume, programs, and more.

Smart Remote

An easy-to-use hearing aid remote control with a display screen makes it easy for you to adjust volume, programs, and turn your hearing aids on and off, as well as other customization functions.

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